New bear brooches in stock :D

Nighttime bear preparation. The last bear has just been sold - new ones in stock now > https://www.etsy.com/…/93869651/icecream-bear-wooden-brooch…
And voting is still on until Friday! > https://www.etsydesignawards.com/de/59/danadamki


With the help of a unicorn...

This unicorn will help me win the trip to NY anyways, but if you want to vote for me (have I mentioned I'm an Etsy-Design-Award-Finalist?), do it here:



Etsy Design Awards

Hello friends!
I'm a finalist for the Etsy-Design awards. It seems I could win some $$$, shop-support and maybe even a trip to New York!
I hate voting for something, but if you don't, you could vote for me! Go to the following website, choose "Art & Illustration" and choose my Twin Peaks colouring book. And then vote for danadamki via e-mail, facebook or google+.
I will annoy you again, the voting ends september 4 :)