chestnuts, to be:

chestnuts, to be: the incapability to pass a chestnut without picking it up


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It's Etsy-voucher-time again. If you want an Etsy-voucher
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Hava a lovely weekend!


10-Euro Etsy voucher GIVE AWAY!

Hey! Ich vergebe einen digitalen Etsy-Gutschein über 10 Euro, bestenfalls an jemanden, der noch nie bei Etsy gekauft hat. Sende einfach eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff ‪#‎UnserEtsy‬ an dana[at]damki[dot]com.
Etsy.com ist eine Verkaufsplattform für selbstgemachte Produkte (ähnlich dawanda).
Hey, I'm giving away a digital Etsy-voucher (10 €), if possible to someone who hasn't yet shopped at Etsy. Just send me an e-mail (subject: #UnserEtsy) to dana[at]damki[dot]com and you might be the lucky one!

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DanaDamki in Osaka

I just found this old photo from many years ago. Taken in my bedroom in Osaka I was dressed in damki-magazine01...


I updated my website. It also contains commercial work now. Inquiries welcome :) http://danadamki.com/