Unicorn on skateboard

awwww, cute - a unicorn on a skateboard (again?) in a snowstorm. with it's duck-mate...


wiener dog with christmas tree on skateboard

Help! I haven't really updated anything for ages and now it's almost christmas! A wiener dog on a skateboard with a christmas tree on top will do for now, won't it?


Markus the Partyphant

Last one of my brooch-trilogy: Markus the partyphant!
He's a bit shy, but loves to party. Invite him for a drink and he will love you forever.


Wiener dog with rainbow - brooch

Did you know a Wiener dog with a rainbow is the number one lucky combination? Rub the dog's ears to fullfill your dreams!
Wiener dog brooch on Etsy


Gerd the Party-Unicorn

Yay, it's finished! The party-unicorn! His name is Gerd and he is very fast. If you whisper to his corn you may make a wish. But only in a fullmoon night.
Gerd on Etsy >>>


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